Delivery Information

Delivery at your doorstep!

At Fresco we make the shopping easy. You can choose the day and the time you prefer for the delivery of your order with different time choices that the system gives you options based on Delivery Schedule availability.

Delivery days and times: Fresco is at your disposal for any day you request with flexible delivery. The delivery times are from 8:00 in the morning until 20:00 in the evening. FREE delivery available for orders over 40 euro. You can check any postcode for delivery availability by visiting our homepage.


Here at Fresco, we are proud of our Fresco cars. Are designed to meet the needs of transporting all kinds of products from our online supermarket.

Equipped with three specially designed temperature spaces, we can transfer products at -18C as well as at +2C.

Fresco-cars are designed to transfer large quantities of goods since they own storage space greater than 10 cubic meters which in return accounts for more than 2 tons of commodities.

Frescomarket Car Delivery
Frescomarket Delivery Bag


Fresco-bag is the re-usable transportation box of your products. It is one of the distinct features that give us the chance to demonstrate our professionalism and responsibility when it comes to each-and-every of our transportations.

Fresco-bag has the ability to preserve your products in the appropriate environment since the box’s walls are embedded with an insulating material that protects the internal temperature.

Also, it can slow down the increase or decrease of temperature, until the products are stored in suitable places. Fresco-bag can remain at your place and be returned with your next order!