Wheat Rusks with Carob Flour and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (4.6%)

Elite toast with Carob brings to the daily table one of the most nutritious fruits of nature. Because of their earthy, sweet taste, they are an ideal choice for a healthy and tonic diet. Crispy and well cooked, fermented with extra virgin olive oil of Chania PGI, are a source of protein and become the inspiration that “awakens” your imagination.

You can enjoy them plain or with:
• Cream cheese, prosciutto and fig with fresh thyme for a breakfast full of inspiration and wellness
• Strained yogurt, green apple, grape seeds and pomegranate seeds with a little honey a juicy afternoon snack.

Elite with emphasis on total quality, nutritional value and new taste experiences, for 50 years now creates with care and love that more delicious and nutritious than pure and simple ingredients.

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