Instructions for Use:
Use only with dry hands, always close the package after each use.
• Do not unroll the tablet. Dissolves completely during washing.
• Do not place the tablet in the cutlery case.
• Place one tablet per wash in the DRY special case. For best results use programs at 50/55 ° C or automatic programs.
• For short wash programs (30 minutes) place the tablet at the bottom of the washing machine.

Causes severe eye irritation . Contains Protease. May cause an allergic reaction. Away from children .
IN CASE OF EYE CONTACT: Rinse thoroughly with water for several minutes. If there are contact lenses, remove them if easy.
Keep rinsing. If eye irritation does not go away: Consult / See a doctor. If you seek medical advice, have the product container or label with you.

To protect the quality of Quantum tablets, always close the package after use and keep away from heat and moisture.

No information.
Customers are advised to check product packaging for chemicals information before usage