Greka Tomato Juice 500g

With an experience of more than 40 years at the process of tomatoes & through development & research programs Serco Foods” continue with an even greater devotion having as a purpose to offer tomato products with the freshness & the smell of the moment of the harvest! They choose the most fresh, ripe & red tomatoes & process them with the respect that they deserve in order to end up at your kitchen preserving all their scent & exceptional flavour! All the products are 100% natural! Packed with intense flavour, aroma, freshness & with a high content of lycopene. Without the addition of any preservatives or colouring substances.

Slightly concentrated tomato juice, 100% from the finest greek summer harvest tomatoes. A product that comes directly from fresh tomatoes & not from tomato paste dilution.


100% Slightly Concentrated Tomato Juice (Min: 7% Solids), Acidity Regulator (if needed): Citric Acid.

Nutrition Facts (per 100g)
Energy (kcal):27
Fat (g):0.1
of which saturates (g):0
Carbohydrates (g):4.1
of which sugars (g):3.4
Fiber (g):1
Protein (g):1.5
Salt (g):0.1

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