HiPP Baby Water comes from a source deep inside the Allgäu Alps and maintains its original purity: The natural water is taken directly from the source in Krumbach and bottled immediately. Regular, strict checks throughout the bottling process ensure the impeccable water quality of our HiPP Baby Water. Mineral water with a low sodium content and a well-balanced mineral content – ideal for babies. Only particularly mild mineral water with a well-balanced mineral content is suitable for the preparation of baby food. Our HiPP Baby Water meets these requirements.
Still, natural mineral water – in its original purity
Taken directly from the source and bottled immediately
Strictly controlled
No need to boil
For preparation of infant formulae, paps and teas
To mix with HiPP juices
Ideal thirst quencher
Gluten free by nature
*as required by law

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