– Raid® Ant Bait

Raid Ant Bait is carried by the worker ants back to the nest and effectively destroys the entire colony, including the larvae and the queen ant. When it comes to ants it’s best to keep nature in the garden. This specially designed device is a no-fuss answer to your insecticide needs and can be placed anywhere around the home, near ant trails or close to the nest itself. This product continues to work for several weeks depending on the level of infestation.

Get long-lasting protection by carefully piercing the perforated area at the side of the bait box, which will allow ants a point of entry and exit. Place the bait station near to an ant nest or along an ant trail – the ants will do the rest of the work for you. Use no more than 2 bait stations at a time, and 4 within a 2 week period. This product continues to work for up to several weeks but for maximum efficacy check the bait regularly.
Protects your home from ants, Destroys the entire nest, including larvae and the queen, Suitable for use around the home, Can last up to several weeks, The ants carry the poison back to the nest, so you don’t have to

– eliminates entire ant colony

– kills larvae and the queen ant

– fluid

– active ingredient: natural microbial origin spinosad

– for indoor and outdoor use

No information.
Customers are advised to check product packaging for chemicals information before usage

Ingredients Spinosad 0.0166% w/w.

Contains Mixture of: 5-Chlor-2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-on und 2-Methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one.

Allergy Info May produce an allergic reaction.

Makriá apó trófima, potá kai zootrofés. Métra metriasmoú kindýnou: Makriá apó paidiá. To proïón tha prépei na chrisimopoieítai móno se periochés gýro apó katoikiménous chórous, ópos balkónia kai verántes. I topothétisí tou tha gínetai se méri pou den eínai pithanó na vrachoún, p.ch. méri prostatevména apó vrochí, plimmýra kai neró. Makriá apó trófima, potá kai zootrofés. Kratíste tin exoterikí syskevasía kath’ óli tin chrísi gia tis odigíes chrísis kai profýlaxis. Prótes voítheies: Genikés symvoulés: Afairéste ta molysména roúcha amésos kai diathéste ta me asfáleia. Se períptosi eispnoís, exasfalíste kaló aerismó tou chórou. Se períptosi epafís me to dérma: plytheíte amésos me áfthono neró. Se períptosi epafís me ta mátia, xeplýnete kalá me áfthono neró kai zitíste iatrikí symvoulí. Se períptosi katáposis, symvoulefteíte giatró, eán emfanistoún symptómata. Symvoulés gia to giatró: Symptómata: Den ypárchoun synkekriména symptómata. Den ypárchei eidikó antídoto. Symptomatikí therapeía, Til. Kéntrou Dilitiriáseon: ELLADA 210 77 93 777, KYPROU 1401. Epeígonta métra gia tin prostasía tou perivállontos: Chrisimopoieíste katállilo méso gia tin apofygí mólynsis tou perivállontos. Min aporríptete to proïón chorís kanénan élencho sto perivállon. Sylléxte me aporrofitikó ylikó (p.ch. ámmo, prionídi, genikís chrísis syndetikó ylikó). Odigíes gia tin asfalí diáthesi tou proïóntos kai tis syskevasías tou: Mikrés posótites tou proïóntos proerchómenes apó idiotikí chrísi prépei na enapotíthentai se eidiká simeía syllogís. Diathéste to mi chrisimopoiiméno proïón, ti syskevasía tou kai álla aporrímmata sýmfona me tous topikoús kanonismoús. Synthíkes apothíkefsis: Makriá apó paidiá. Diatireítai móno stin archikí tou syskevasía. Min to apothikévete mazí me zootrofés. Min to apothikévete mazí me trófima. Chronikí statherótita: 3 chrónia.
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Away from food, drink and animal feed. Risk mitigation measures: Keep out of reach of children. The product should only be used in areas around residential areas, such as balconies and terraces. It will be placed in places that are not likely to get wet, e.g. places protected from rain, flood and water. Away from food, drink and animal feed. Keep the outer carton in full use for instructions for use and precaution. First Aid: General Tips: Remove contaminated clothing immediately and dispose of safely. In case of inhalation, ensure good ventilation of the room. In case of contact with skin: Wash immediately with plenty of water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If swallowed, consult a physician if symptoms occur. Doctor Tips: Symptoms: There are no specific symptoms. There is no specific antidote. Symptomatic treatment, Tel. Poison Center: 1401. Urgent measures for the protection of the environment: Use an appropriate means to avoid environmental pollution. Do not dispose of the product without any environmental controls. Collect with absorbent material (eg sand, sawdust, general purpose binder). Instructions for the safe disposal of the product and its packaging: Small quantities of the product for private use must be stored in special collection points. Dispose of unused product, packaging and other waste in accordance with local regulations. Storage conditions: Keep out of reach of children. Retained only in its original packaging. Do not store it with animal feed. Do not store it with food. Time stability: 3 years.